VoiceMath project

Videos, as objects, and in partcular video lectures (frequently used in the pandemic period) have several accessibility problems: adequate subtitles are needed by people with hearing impairment, and transcriptions by people with motor or visual impairment, or specific learning disorders, in order for them to take notes. There are currently several systems for automatic transcription and subtitling, but none of these is able to manage the presence of formulas in a correct way: for scientific content videos to be accessible, the formulas need to be transcribed in a specific language (LaTeX or MathML ).

VoiceMath project, founded by Fondazione CRT, Dipartimento di Matematica “G. Peano” and Direzione SIPE (UniTO), aims to develop a software for textual and LaTeX transcription of university video lectures containing formulas, useful for people with motor, hearing and visual impairment and to people with specific learning disorders. This software has been implemented in collaboration with H-Farm Innovation, and is currently patent pending at University of Turin.

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