Lab Rules


The Laboratory operates in the research and experimentation of new assistive technologies for the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It originates from the need for the diffusion and use of new technologies for access to university studies of a scientific nature by young people with disabilities (both motor and sensory). It performs activities of research and offers a consultancy, experimentation and transcription service using modern hardware and software equipment at the Department of Mathematics “G. Peano” of the University of Turin.  



  • Artificial intelligence (especially neural networks and fuzzy logic). A specific OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is being developed for mathematical formulas
  • Segmentation of images through the theory of the Calculus of Variations
  • Genetic algorithms to optimize the performance of artificial neural networks
  • Development of software for the accessibility of scientific texts
  • Semantic reading and context-dependent formula navigation

Testing of assistive technologies

  • Study of the LaTeX language as a means to read and write texts containing formulae in an accessible way. In particular, the research team has created a LaTeX package aimed at creating accessible PDF documents with mathematical content. This result undoubtedly represents (as it is asserted by experimenters with visual disabilities) a remarkable innovation on the subject of access to texts containing formulae.
  • Realization of accessible formats for university entrance tests
  • Study of the accessibility of the Moodle platform
  • Study of the accessibility of mathematical software (e.g. R, Maple, MatLab)
  • Transcription of texts containing formulae in the epub format
  • Realization of accessible versions of texts with scientific content for university and school.
  • Study of assistive technologies that enable the access to the computer by voice command and pointing device

Dissemination on the territory: school and work

  • Transfer of the results of the research and experimentation to the world of education
  • Transfer of the results of research and experimentation in the world of work
  • Organization of courses and dedicated workshops
  • Participation in conferences and events, also of a popular nature


  • braille display
  • Desktops and laptops with specialist software
  • Fuse Heater
  • Talking scanner
  • Embossed and white toner printers, braille printers and embossers
  • Tablet, touch tablet
  • Adapted keyboards / mouse / joysticks for people with motor disability
  • Video magnifier

Head of the Laboratory

The Head of Laboratory is the Director of the Department of Mathematics “G. Peano”.


Manager of Laboratory

The Laboratory is coordinated by Prof. Anna Capietto. It can make use of the organizational resources available at the Department. The coordinator takes advantage of the collaboration of the reference research technician, Dr. Tiziana Armano. The coordinator supervises the activities of the Laboratory and of the technical and research staff involved. She also guarantees the maintenance, renewal and use of the equipment, in accordance with the present Regulation and the ethical rules concerning research and the protection of privacy. The coordinator also keeps track of the authorized users ordered who have received the necessary training on the Laboratory equipment and safety specifications.



The Laboratory is available for different types of users:
  1. Departments and Interdepartmental Centers of the University of Turin
  2. Public and private subjects with whom the members of the Departments of the University of Turin have ongoing collaborations
  3. Public and private entities external to the University of Turin


Authorization to access the Laboratory

Access to the Laboratory is permitted, subject to authorization by the coordinator or her delegate, to University teaching staff, to research fellows, to PhD students, to trainees, to regularly enrolled students, to collaborators. The coordinator, or her delegate, certifies, for the purposes of authorization, the possession of the knowledge provided for any use of the equipment present in the Laboratory. The coordinator, or her delegate, guarantees the research purposes and the activity that will be carried out by users within the Laboratory and is responsible for fully explaining to users the contents of this regulation. The teaching and technical staff of the Laboratory can access the Laboratory for the installation, management and maintenance of the technical and IT systems, subject to authorization by the coordinator or her delegate.

Service fees

The fees of managing and using the equipment are described in the tariff . The fee includes consumables. For specific needs of wide use of the instruments, agreements are possible with public entities, companies or individuals.


Booking and access procedures

The tools are managed only by structured and unstructured staff of the university who has received authorization from the coordinator or her delegate. It is an obligation of the users to report to the coordinator or to the research technician equipment faults or malfunctions, refraining from using them before the appropriate checks regarding the nature and all responsibilities of the malfunction. It is therefore strictly forbidden to intervene in any way both on the hardware and on the software of the instruments present without the authorization of the Laboratory coordinator or the reference research technician. The installation of new software and hardware components must be authorized by the coordinator and updated by the reference research technician. Users are also required to maintain order and cleanliness within the Laboratory. The equipment in the Laboratory cannot be moved without the authorization of the coordinator and / or the reference research technician and must always be used in compliance with safety standards and criteria.


Opening time of access to the Laboratory

Access is allowed upon reservation.



Failure to observe this regulation or any regulations governing the use of the Laboratory will result in a recall or, in the most serious cases, the withdrawal of the authorization to use the Laboratory.