Accessible Library

This page will host accessible textbooks and didactic material in PDF and HTML format. In particular, we will provide books for STEM university courses (mathematics, physics, engineering, ecconomy, and so on). Base manuals in math and statistics for other university courses, as well as math textbooks for highschools and grade schools may also be provided. Accessible PDF documents are made using our LaTeX package called “axessibility” and thanks to our LaTeX file cleaner “axesscleaner”. HTML documents have been converted from LaTeX using LaTeXML software. Inside the provided PDF documents, the mathematical formulae can be accessed through NVDA, Jaws or VoiceOver screenreaders or the PDF reader Acrobat Reader. In correspondance to every formula, the screenreaders will display the corresponding LaTeX commands. The formulae can also be read in natural language using JAWS and NVDA screen readers with our screenreader dictionaries. Inside the HTML documents, the formulae can be accessed using Jaws and NVDA screen readers and the browser Mozilla Firefox, or using the screenreader Voiceover and the browser Safari. The formulae will be read using natural language. Please note that, in order to use NVDA, it is necessary to install the free MathPlayer software. This way, it will also be possible to activate the reading of the formulae on the braille display, using braille math symbols such as Marburg Braille, Nemeth Braille, UKMaths Braille and Woluve Braille. As for the Jaws screenreader, please note that at this moment the formulae are read only in english language.