MOOC: “Accessibility of the STEM for visually impaired people”

The Polin Laboratory proposes a MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) to show inclusive tools for the teaching of STEM subjects concerning students with visual impairments.

Target :

Teachers from high school, first and second year (both classroom teacher and teachers specialised for impaired students support) willing to apply new teaching strategies.


After each module of the course and the completion of the module activity, a badge is produced for the new skills acquired. After the completion of all the modules and the final project work, the candidate will receive the certification of course fulfillment

MOOC beginning:

21 February 2022


possible from 21st January 2022 to 6th March 2022

In order to join, the candidate needs an account on DI.FI.MA platform.

In order to create a new account sign up with your data and follow the instructions that will be given via email.

In order to access the MOOC course, go to home page di Di.Fi.MA ,click on “MOOC Accessibilità delle STEM: pratiche didattiche e tecnologiche per non vedenti” in the category MATHMOOC and join by pressing the button below.

An Italian complete guide is available for the enrollment.

In case of problems during the enrollment:

Duration :

The course lasts 9 weeks and requires 4 hours of activity each week


Tiziana Armano, Davide Maietta, Carola Manolino, Adriano Sofia, Eugenia Taranto.

Head of the Laboratory: professor Anna Capietto


  • Introduction ( 1 week)
  • Accessibility ( 1 week)
  • Accessibility of the scientific contents( 1 week)
  • LaTeX and Axessibility: inclusive tools for the accessibility of formulae
  • Graphs accessibility (1 week)
  • LaTeX teaching (3 weeks)