Accessible Laboratory

  In May 2018 the University of Turin announced the opening of the ‘Laboratory for the Research and Experimentation of Novel Assistive Technologies for STEM “S. Polin”’. The new laboratory aims to become a point of reference within the Department and the University of Turin for the diffusion of novel assistive Technologies for the access to didactics and research for people with disabilities. Following the opening of the Laboratory, which is occurred in November 2018, we initiate the “Accessible Laboratory” project, which aims to provide to the students with disabilities of the university a space equipped with cutting edge assistive technologies for the access to didactics and research instruments.    

Instruments and Software

    The Laboratory provides computer stations, equipped with accessibility instruments such as screen readers and braille displays, braille printers and embossers. The stations have pre-installed accessibility software such as screen readers (JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver) and instruments for authoring and access to didactic and scientific contents. Additionally, text books and didactic material will be provided, made accessible through the “Accessible Library” project.