PROGETTO: “Students ambassadors of accessible Mathematics”


  1. In the first phase, students are received in the Department of Mathematics “G. Peano”. They get to visit the laboratory “S. Polin”, discover the activities of the and most of all they discover LaTeX language – markup language used to produce pdf texts – applied to the production of pdf files with mathematical formulae. (Encounters: 13th and 16th of June 2022)
  2. In the second phase, students are asked to use LaTeX language with Axessibility package for the transcription of a secondary school textbook. Moreover, they work on the testing part, to make sure that the automatic reading can perform well i.e. the transcription in pdf file is accessible to screen readers.
    In this second part they work in a remote way, under supervision of the Laboratory
  3. Final party (25 July, 11-14) to share knowledge and materials that have been produced

Total amount of time: 30 hours for each student

Participants: 54 students, coming from 8 different high school of Piedmont Region