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Project D.A.P.A.R.I.

The DAPARI project (Disability in Employment, Advanced Professions, Research and Integration) is aimed towards assisting people with disabilities, in particular those with visual impairments or blindness, during the transition from high school and university education to employment. Competence and independence are fundamental characteristics for anyone who seeks employment in a company. For people with disabilities, the opportunities to study and work are limited by the lack of instruments to support learning and training, in particular in STEM fields, and that match the pace of ever increasing company standards. The DAPARI project, which stems from this crucial need, is a joint collaboration between University of Turin (Department of Mathematics G. Peano and Department of Social and Economic Sciences), and Società Reale Mutua Assicurazioni; two entities that complement and synergize their respective competences and capabilities. The goal of this project is to create a center for consulting, formation, awareness raising and support towards people with disabilities as well as companies which aim to employ or better involve personnel with disabilities. The Department of Mathematics' Laboratory for the Research and Experimentation of Novel Assistive Technologies for STEM "S. Polin", led by Prof. Anna Capietto, has been working since 2012 on the evaluation and experimentation of novel assistive software to support students with disabilities in STEM education. Prof. Luigi Bollani along with his collaborator Luca Bottacin from The Department of Social and Economic Sciences, have been focusing on the analysis of sociological aspects and awareness raising towards the employment of people with disabilities. Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, leading company in the project, collaborates with the university through Ester Tornavacca, Ph.D. in Mathematics and visually impaired person, whose role is evaluating the identified assistive instruments in a company environment. The competences of the Department of Mathematics involving didactic instruments, the competences of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences supporting sociological aspects and awareness raising, and the availability of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni concurr to promote the encounter between disabled professionals and companies, which can then hire capable disabled employees. In particular, accessibility tests involving R and SAS statistical software have already been performed. These software appear to be generally accesible through standard assistive technologies. However, to be able to thoroughly access their capabilities, it is necessary to pay attention to specific settings and configurations, which are exhaustively presented in the description sheets recorded on the database presented on this website.

Principal Investigators

Prof. Luigi Bollani - Department of Social-Economic, and Mathematic-Statistical Sciences, University of Turin

Prof. Anna Capietto - Department of Mathematics, University of Turin - Representative for disabilities for the Department of Mathematics.

Ester Tornavacca, Ph.D. - Reale Mutua Assicurazioni