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Future activities

The activities developed by the team can be divided in three different categories: pure research activities, activities concerning the experimentation and optimization of the assistive technologies and activities of dissemination of the results on the territory.

  • Study of genetic algortithms for the optimization of the performances of artificial neural network.
  • Study of the problems of image segmentation by means of the theory of the Calculus of variations
Experimentation of assistive technologies
  • Promotion of the technologies that allow the access to computer and take notes by vocal control. In particular, we will analyze the use of the software Dragon Naturally Speaking and some other new products (especially we will focus on the open source products).
  • Experimentation of the online service ReadSpeaker used by the University of Turin.
  • Study of the accessibility of waveform chart applied within the forensic field.
  • Experimentation of the use of new assitive technologies for studying chemistry.
Dissemination on the territory
  • We would like to apply as advisors (in agreement with Prof. Pavone, Prof. Robutti and collaborators and in the setting of the "Interdepartmentalroject project on Methodologies, technologies, materials and activities for accessible and inclusive actions for learning math") for the academic and non academic staff of the University of Turin, in vista dell’interazione con studenti con disabilità.
  • Partecipation to conferences and events, national and international, whithin the topic of assistive technologies.