Examples of formulas with MathJax and LaTeX

In the following there are some examples of formulas written in LaTeX and converted by the Javascript MathJax. These formulas are accessible in the following modes:
  • On Windows with Jaws16 and Internet Explorer.
  • On Windows with NVDA and Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox (in this case it is necessary to right click the formula and select Math Settings, Math Render, MathML).


Cubic equation: $$ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=0$$
Trigonometric functions: $\sin(x^2+3x+1)$, $\cos (\theta+\phi)$
Roots: $\sqrt{2},\quad \sqrt[3]{2y+1}$
Integral: $\int 5xdx$
Sum: $\sum_{n=0}^\infty{F_n}$
Logarithms and exponentials: $\log x^2$, $e^x$
Fractions: $\frac{az+b}{cz+d}$