Call for IT technician at Polin Laboratory

The call is open for 30 days. It is located at the link

Requirements: Bachelor or Postgraduate degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Scheduled tasks:

  1. Support to research (in information technology or mathematics) in collaboration with members of the Polin Laboratory
  2. Updating / installing / testing IT products for non-visual accessibility of digital texts containing formulas / graphs / tables
  3. Virtual Linux server management for specific projects
  4. Support for the implementation of training courses (MOOC et al.)
  5. Support for the dissemination / knowledge / dissemination at the University and outside of the University of modern technological supports for the accessibility of texts in digital format

No specific skills are required on issues related to non-visual accessibility. The detail of the tasks will be defined in order to meet the interests / skills of the winner.

The Laboratory is a stimulating, rewarding environment and provides important opportunities for professional growth.

For any information, details or interest you can contact

Professor Anna Capietto